Design Packages


Initial Consult :

A basic consultation is the initial meeting required at any level of the design process. It usually involves meeting the client on site, or with plans. A meeting such as this is designed to stir creative juices for both the client and the designer. Discussions will unfold that attempt to unravel the clients desire, intention and perception of what they want to achieve from the space. It is an opportunity for the client to bounce ideas off the designer, with the designer contributing ideas along the way. An initial meeting is the premature stage of the design process. It is an important part of the process and aims to start the creative process, along with initiate the meet and greet stage.

expected duration : 1.5 hrs

Cost : $150


First Stage Design Consult :

A Basic Consultation is the next stage of the process. It would involve

  • Initial meeting. (as mentioned in basic consult)
  • 2nd site visit to measure up and take photos.
  • Preparation of existing space document. Basic floor plans and photo references.
  • Research document……usually presented as a pinterest board. This will start to build a library of possible influences.
  • Initial concepts. These will be basic measured drawings. Usually around 2 – 3 options.
  • A couple of rendered options can be included. (Although it is usually better to decide on a floor plan and then move onto rendered drawings.)
  • Expected duration : (depends on project) : average 1 – 2 weeks
  • Cost : depends on project requirements and size of space : aprox $1500 – $3000


Second Stage Design Consult :

A Deluxe Consultation would involve everything in the basic consultation. It would be stepped up once again to take the project even closer to a fully resolved design concept.

  •  Initial meeting and basic consultation. (As mentioned above)
  • A second meeting, to discuss which design options presented in the second stage of the process are preferred.
  • A new floor plan might be put together based on a combination of ideas presented in the second stage of the process.
  • Perspective and rendered drawings to show some spacial imagery of the preferred floor plan concepts and options.
  • Mood boards or sample boards can be offered with ideas for materials, colours and products.
  • This work would be presented to the client as a combination of pdf images, hard copy print out, links and materials board (if required.)
  • Expected duration : depends on project : average 3 – 4 weeks
  • Cost: Depends on project requirements, and size of space: aprox $3000 – $5000


Complete Design Package :

After a Deluxe consult a client has the option to engage the designer further. This generally requires more detailed drawings. Elevations of each room would be drawn. Depending on the job that could also include, cabinetry drawings and material specifications. Lighting plans, specs and light sourcing.
Door / Hardware specs, material choices, furniture, soft furnishings and art sourcing.
Relevant meetings with builders and tradesman to be attended to discuss finer construction details.
Cost depends on project requirements and size: